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Weekly Update #8: Godly Powers and Godly Parties


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Oh young gods! We genuflect before your altars bearing the greatest gift of all: a rad party. That's right, Godhood just got groovy.

But before you put on your best dancing shoes, a quick reminder:

The Flower Moon Update is Next Week Wednesday (May 15)!
  • A big update on all the new stuff in Godhood!
  • A gameplay stream on Twitch (there's much too much for us to actually play in one go now!)
  • If you have access to our betas, the Flower Moon Beta Build for you to play at your pleasure!

Development Update: Righteous Party, you Divine Dude
We are developing God Powers! These special actions cost you some resources and have a lengthy cooldown, but allow you to inspire your disciples and worshippers to do some big, powerful things.

For example: throw a party.

Lust religions love to party! This is why as a god with the Lust Commandment you gain access to the Festival of Lust God Power.
Use your divine influence on your most lusty prophet and watch them organize a great hootenanny in your honor!

Doing so gives them the opportunity to perform a unique Miracle! (see our Pink Moon Update for a reminder on how Miracles work) and it might have other special effects.
If you're unlucky, you'll find that a disciple enjoying the festivities might have caught an uhh.. annoying itch...

Casting God Powers
We're also currently working on cool animations and effects for you casting your god powers.
Please note that the lightning strike is a temporary animation; but it sure gets the point across!


That's it for now, young gods! There's nothing else. Absolutely noth-...

Carmen: Hi.

Rick: Oh hi Carmen, Abbey Games' character designer extraordinaire! Welcome to my update cave. What's up?

Carmen: Check this out.

Brand. New. Disciple. Class.

Carmen you didn't have to drop that mic. It's expensive. But what is this! A brand new disciple class!? What's that big fan used for? If you have access to the beta, play the Flower Moon release next week to find out!!


Peace, love, and don't forget to spread the good word! Rick out!

- Rick
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