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What consequence are number of followers in Release version?


Thanks monks for update7/release version! Been enjoying it so far.

I am confused about the number of followers in this final version though. Is there any connection between achieving Truth and number of followers now? Can you finish the game but NOT achieve Truth, because of less followers?
Older versions had a nice level-up system where your God level rose with number of followers. That seemed to tie followers with religion development better. I can't figure out what consequence it has now... :unsure:


Yes, you need 33k followers after your victory to achieve Truth - below that you'll get a different, uncomplete ending.
Followers do two things in 1.0:
-They gate the construction of some buildings (mostly temples for ritual upgrades)
-They function as your final score at the end of the game, with each point of Happiness giving you a bonus to said score