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Will of the People Feedback


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Context: have played 13 hours, 11 of which are The Will of the People update. Completed the game entirely using Will of the People update; did not complete the game prior to the update. Game was played via Steam on MacBook pro (mid 2015) running Mojave.

Will of the People update definitely improved things. As game currently stands could see playing it a few more times to completion; main thing that would entice me to even more play throughs would be a random map.

Overall there definitely is more agency than before: I found myself having to make tradeoffs and often wondered what if?

Things I like
  • Manual saves. Between a bug in the system (see below under annoyances) and just seeing how various class combos work for disciples this was very useful. Appreciate being able to go back and say “let’s try something different”
  • Choices of buildings: lets you customize to your play style. In particular, having the Miracle building to help train up new disciples is a nice alternative to just sending them on sacraments and hoping they don’t freeze up during a critical round. And though I didn’t use it (but will try in the future if still present) the building that grants relics is a nice touch. A good use for the older disciples that can’t keep up with the newer recruits
  • While it took me a while to catch on to it, I like the fact that newer recruits are more powerful than earlier disciples. Gives you an incentive to mix things up.
  • The worshipper enthusiasm was both good and bad. I like the extra boost in Awe when they are enthusiastic however, since I was still feeling my way around what did and didn’t work for sacraments I never pushed my luck. So this led to a fixed cycle where I always sent disciples to perform a sacrament when they were enthusiastic. Then I had a fixed number of seasons in which to heal, gather tribute, do miracles before it repeated. Perhaps this could have just a tiny bit of variability along two axes: how long before they become enthusiastic after the last sacrament plus how long they stay enthusiastic (this could encourage more push your luck).
  • Building placement: nice that I can customize, but overall it didn’t seem to make a difference and if I stopped playing for a while when I came back I’d forget where things were. Not sure what to do about this since with so many choices there can’t be a fixed layout pattern that fits all.
  • 100% approve of disciple not being able to go on sacrement as well as do ritual/miracle in city. And I like that you are warned when you assign a disciple that is doing a ritual/miracle (and will get a refund if you go ahead and use them). What would be nice is if it were possible to select an alternate disciple without having to back out of the sacrament, go back to the city, assign the alternate disciple and then go back to the sacrament. Maybe a pop up “Disciple X is currently working in the Y. If you want to select an alternate disciple to work in the Y <and then present options>”
  • Not much (any) control over the zoom in/out. Either I was too close and hand to scroll to move between buildings or too far out and they overlapped. When zooming in or out, there seemed to be a lag in responsiveness so I couldn’t stop when it was “just right”
  • There is a bug (or I was hitting a hidden key binding): sometimes when I go from looking at my disciples stats back to city view the game advances to the next season without my pressing “Next”. Needless to say this can be annoying if I haven’t assigned all my disciples and is another reason why I appreciated being able to manually save.
  • As others have noted, a randomized map. This will increase replayability

Anyway, to recap: game is much more enjoyable with this update. I see the seeds of something truly great - keep up the good work!


Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the feedback! Randomized map is definitely something we're looking at, but it's a bit of work, as you might imagine ;) The bug you mentioned is a known one: we haven't been able to reproduce this instance of it, but it's on our list :)